Object Oriented Systems Concepts and Approach

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Last updated on Sun, Dec 3, 00

    This one will not be collected. It is posted here so you make sure how to edit, save and compile a java program on a platform of your choice.

    Due date: Thursday Sept. 28. Take a predefined class, Loan2, and add two new methods of your own, an auxiliary method for input/output and modify main method.

    Due date: Thursday Oct. 24 (Extended!) Write a program to generate a table of logs, sines and cosines

    Due date: Thursday Nov. 7. Write a program to sort a list of Strings using Insertion Sort algorithm. (This is now complete.)

    Due date: Friday Dec. 15. Write a Improve the sort program posted in the web page by making more object oriented. Draw a UML class diagram for your code. Create a graphical user interface front end to interact with the program.

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