Code Samples

Last updated on Tue, Apr 25, 00 A simple sort code that we talked about on February 8 lecture. No object oriented programming code here, just a simple code for sorting a list of doubles.

    A better sort code with object oriented features added (not perfect though!) Check out javadoc generated documentation.

    The easyIO package provides static methods for reading an input line, reading an integer and reading an alphabetic String. A good example of use of static fields and methods.

    Code Smaple for GUI design

    Trivial: A very basic GUI just showing a label and a windowClosing event. and

    A simple Button/Action example from the Deitel & Deitel text., You will also need these two icon pictures for this code: bug1.gif and bug2.gif

    An example showing various mouse events using Inspire's Jbuilder IDE. (upcoming, stay tuned ...)

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