A List of Papers and Notes for Reading

Rutcor Semianr on semidefinite programming

Last Updated on 4/11/00

    The Book by Faraut and Koranyi is an excellent source of information on Euclidean Jordan algebras

    J. Faraut and A. Koranyi, Analysis on Symmetric Cones, Oxford University Press, 1994.

    The Handbook od semidefinite programming contains many articles covering all areas of the subject.

    R. Saigal, L. Vandenberghe and H. Wolkowicz, Handbook of Semidefinite Programming" Kluwer presss, 2000

    Two papers by Schmieta and Alizadeh describe how proofs in SDP extend to semidefinite programming

    S. Schmieta and F. Alizadeh "Extension of Commutative Class of Primal-Dual Interior Point Algorithms to Symmetric Cones" Rutcor Technical Reports 13.99 available from here.

    S. Schmieta and F. Alizadeh "Associative and Jordan Algebnras and Polyunomial Time Interior point methods for Symmetric Cones" Rutcor Technical Reports 12.99 available here.

    The book by Grotschel, Lovasz and Shrijver contains an excellent treatment of semideinite programming and perfect graph theory. Also Lovasz and Schrijvers's paper on generating SDP relaxation of 0-1 integer programs is a great paper to study

    M. Grotschel, L. Lovasz and A. Schrijver, "Geometric Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimziation" Springer-Verlag, 1988

    L.Lovasz and A. Schrijver Cones of Matrices and Setfunctions and 0-1 Optimization, SIAM J. On Optimization 1(2)166-190, 1991.

A great source of current information on SDP research is Helmberg's web page on semidefinite programming

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