Fall 2001

last updated 01/03/02

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Note 1 9/10/01

A general over view of semidefinite programming and related problems, examples

Note 2 9/17/01

Definition of Cones, and cone-LP and examples, semidefinite, second order non-negative and Moment cones

Note 3 9/24/01

Generalized Farkas Lemma, Duality theorem, contrast with Linear Programming

Note 4 10/1/01

Complementary slackness theorems, eigenvalue optimization

Note 5 10/8/01

Eigenvalue optimization, Lovasz theta function

Note 6 10/15/01

Sums of eigenvalues as semidefinite programs, sum of largest norms as SOCPs

Note 7 10/22/01

SDP relaxation of Independent set, clique and general 0-1 integer programming problems

Note 8 10/29/01

Introduction to logarithmic barrier function for LP, SDP and SOCP, Newton's method

Note 9 11/12/01

Finish up preliminary discussion of logarithmic barrier functions; Introduction to algebras, associative, power associative, and Jordan algebras; examples

Note 10 11/19/01

Minimum and characteristic polynomials, eigenvalues, trace, determinant, and introduction to the quadratic representation

Note 11 11/26/01

Properties of quadratic representation, Euclidean Jordan algebras, spectral decomposition, symmetric cones, Cone-LP over symmetric cones and the basic system of equations in Jordan algebraic terms

Note 12 12/3/01

Spectral decomposition in Euclidean Jordan Algebras, Cone of squares, relation to LP, SOCP, SDP

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