Last updated 9/4/01

For IEOR 6611 Semidefinite and Second-Order cone programming Fall 2001

In this course we present a survey of topics on the subject of semidefinite and second order cone programming. We attempt to make the course both deep and comprehensive. Each student should take turn and jot down lecture note in class. Then within a week of the lecture the students should transcribe the notes into Latex and e-mail the notes to me so I post it in the course home page. Below I have a list of topics I wish to cover, but this is most likely more than what we can reasonably cover in one semester. So we probably cover a subset.

In addition each student is required to prepare a 30-50 minute lecture and present it in class. The lectures may be the results of a research project that the student has conducted, or it could be presentation of a relevant paper by other researchers. We may discuss appropriate topics in class.

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