Resources and Software Download

Last changed: September 4, 2002, 04:43 PM

The AMPL home page is a wonderful place for information regarding AMPL, including examples of models, software downloads, solvers so on .

You can go to this page and upload your AMPL models and data and get the solutions back. In other words, you don't need AMPL installed on your computer.

You can use this page for more solvers, including several alternative integer programming solvers worth trying out. Read the instructions to see how to link them to AMPL.

There are new extensions to the AMPL programming language that are not covered in your text. Some of these extensions we will have to use. This page lists them; think of it as additional chapters.

More sophisticated modeling including using AMPL as a programming language to encode various algorithms can be found in this site.

A computer matrix algebra environment

A free MATLAB like language (sufficient for our purposes) Note: Windows users need Cygwin before installing octave. See for more details.

The web page of the Robert Vanderbei's text contains some Java applets that allow you to generate random problems and to do pivoting.