Object Oriented Systems Concepts and Approach

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    This home work is intended to have you go through the process of opening a Java program file, editing, saving, compiling and running it. The home work will not be collected or graded.

    Home work 1 is posted. Due on Monday 9/30 by midnight (A small typo is corrected in calculation of fv. Please download again.)

    In this program you write methods to calculate various parameters associated with an investment (such as present value, periodic payment etc.) Then you should zip the .java and .class files into one file and e-mail to alizadeh@andromeda.rutgers.edu

    Home work 2 is posted. Due Monday October 14 by midnight you are however well advised to work on this homework before the exam.

    In this program you build on the code you wrote in home work 1 and try to make it flexible enough so the dat can be fed to the program on line. You may wish to base this on your own home work 1 or use the one I have written.

    Home work 3 is posted and is due Sunday November 3 by midnight

    In this assignment you must implement the selection sort algorithm to put a an array of words (i.e. Strings) into alphabetical order. You should use the insertion sort and guiSort programs discussed in class as template

    This is the first of assignments to calculate credit worthiness of potential borrowers, and sort a list of borrowers according to their credit score. In this stage we only need to design classes and their relationships using class diagrams.

    Design a GUI for the investment program you wrote in home work 2.

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