Resources and Software Download

Last changed: September 21, 2002, 09:39 AM

    Download of Java Platform

  1. Required download: Go to Java developer link at Here you will find the exe files for the Java platform. Go tp Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE). You need to register and download the java 2 sdk 1.4. Follow the instructions, download and install java on your machine.

  2. Required download: Go to ArgoUML web page and download the four jar files. Follow the instructions for downloading and running the program. If this is too hard simply right click on ArgoUML link and save the zip file. Then unzip the file and read the read me file. You can run argoUML by either double clicking on argouml.jar or from the DOS prompt running java -jar argouml.jar

  3. Optional but highly recommended download: Go to JBuilder home page at and download the main JBuilder Foundation software. You may also download samples, tools and documentation for JBuilder from that site. You should follow instructions as to how to download, get an activation key, and install JBuilder software.

    Additional resources:

  1. Strongly Recommended: You should probably bookmark the link This URL contains description of all java classes and interfaces that are part of standard java API.

  2. Recommended: You may also bookmark the Java Tutorial page. This page contains several popular books written by Sun's Java team and are available for free on line. They are easy to read and understand. It makes a good complement to your text.


While Notepad or Wordpad in Windows are adequate for the most simple of editing tasks, you will greatly benefit by an editor with specialized utilities for helping programmers. One very popular such editor which is freely available for download is emacs. There are two versions available one form and the other from Make sure to download and install the windows version if you are using Windows. If this is too hard simply right click on xemacs and download and run the file to install the software.