MSIS 22:198:605 , Fall 2003 Class meets on Tuesdays 6-9, room 161 of RUTCOR on Busch Campus

Last changed: 12/18/2003, 13:37:27

    Instructor: Farid Alizadeh

    Office: Room 105, RUTCOR Bldg. Busch (732)445-4857


    Office hours: Tuesdays 9:00 PM after class or by appointment






Java Code Examples


    12/18/03: I am finally done with all grading. You should have received your grad report via e-mail. I have left your final papers with Carol Gibson at MSIS department in Levin Building. You may pick them up from her. The spreadsheet for your grades are posted. Please check and make sure all information are correct. If there is an inaccuracy contact me by e-mail and describe what the problem is and I will fix it. Have a great holiday season!

    1212/5/03: More information about the exam is posted in exams page.

    12/1/03: Final Exam on Tuesday December 9 in class at RUTCOR lecture Hall in Busch Campus from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. Open book and open notes.

    12/1/03: The Jbuilder project for investment that I worked out in class is posted check Java Code Examples.

    12/1/03 2:00 PM: Home work 5 is hereby canceled. Homework 4 due date is extended to Thursday December 4 by midnight.

    12/1/03 2:00 PM: The Syllabus and complete reading assignment is updated

    11/24/03 9:27 AM: A new simplified version of the HW4 is posted please check the Homeworks page.

    11/18/03 New Swing Examples are posted in Java Code Examples, and rough UML diagrams of Java.Swing and Java.awt.event classes are posted in Notes page

    11/18/03 Your HW2's have been graded and feedback has been e-mailed to you

    11/11/03: Homeworks 3, 4 and part of 5 is posted in Homeworks page. Home work 3 is due on Tuesday November 18 and Homework 4 is due on December 1st. I will update the hand out periodically so please check the homepage often in the following days.

    11/11/03: I have posted the UML diagram and the actual code for sorter and comparable classes in Java Code Examples page

    10/30/03: I have made some adjustments to employeePkg. Please check Java Code Examples again

    10/28/03: Check Java Code Examples page for employeePkg class code

    10/16/03: New home work assignment is posted check the Homeworks page and I have made some corrections so please check it again

    10/7/03: Check Java Code Examples page for more improvements on class

    10/7/03: The Syllabus page is updated with new reading assignments

    9/24/03: CLASSROOM CHANGE* (once More): To have a better viewing of the screen the class room has been moved to RUTCOR lecture Hall at RUTCOR Building in the Busch campus. Here is a link to campus map and directions. You can also use Mapquest to find directions from where you are to RUTCOR, just note RUTCOR address is

    640 Bartholomew Rd., Piscataway, NJ 08854

    9/24/03: A new lecture note is posted in the Notes page. Please download and read it

    Bring your laptops (along with wireless card) if you have one I will try to see if I can set up an experiment today