MSIS 22:198:605 , Fall 2003 Class meets on Tuesdays 6-9, room 161 of RUTCOR on Busch Campus

Last changed: 12/01/2003, 14:45:23

    Instructor: Farid Alizadeh

    Office: Room 105, RUTCOR Bldg. Busch (732)445-4857


    Office hours: Tuesdays 9:00 PM after class or by appointment






Java Code Examples

    Home Work Assignments

    Home work 5 is cancelled Due date for home work 4 is extended to Thursday December 4 by Midnight

    HW4 (last update as of 9:27AM 11/27/03) is refined and several changes has been made. Please download and follow the new instructions. I also have posted the investModel.zargo for your reference

    HW3 is posted and is due Tuesday November 18, before midnight I have also included Homework 4 and part of homework 5 in this handout. For reference my solution to homework 2 is in this directory.

    HW2 is posted it is due on Friday October 24 by midnight . I have made some correction as of 10/16/03 1:40 PM so please look at the HW2 file again. If you had difficulty with your Homework 1 you can take a look at this

    HW1: This is a simple exercise for calculating investment parameters It is due on Friday October 3 by Midnight.

    HW0: This homework is a warm-up and will not be collected