MSIS 22:960:575 , Spring 2004 Class meets on Mondays 6-9 in MEC room 105

Last changed: 04/18/2004, 02:12 pm

    Instructor: Farid Alizadeh

    Office: Room 200N Ackerson Hall telephone: 973-353-5488 (Mondays only) and 732-445-4857(New Brunswick Tuesdays only)

    Office hours: Mondays 9:00 PM after class, or any time before class on Mondays, other times by appointment







    New: 4/18/04: A typo in exam information is fixed (no linear programming or sensitivity is going to be part of this exam.) download again exam information

    New: 4/14/04:I will have extra office hours on Sunday April 18 from 1-5 PM. Since Ackerson is closed on Sundays I will be in Robson student Center North side near the Pizza stand

    New: 4/14/04:The second exam will be given on Monday April 19 Information about the second exam is posted.

    4/8/04: New set of homeworks are posted in Homeworks page

    4/6/04: There is a slight change in syllabus, we will cover simulation before decision making, The Syllabus has been updated

    4/6/04: More Worksheets are posted in Notes page

    3/31/04: The worksheets worked out in class are posted in Notes page

    3/28/04: The third homework is posted in Homeworks page

    3/26/04: The exams are graded and the papers will be returned on Monday March 29, answer to the exam is posted here

    3/7/04: Since Ackerson Hall is locked I will hold my office hours on Robson Student center' south side (near the coffee shop, Pizza Hutt and vending machines.) I will be there from 1 PM to 4 PM (or longer if necessary)

    3/3/04: The first exam will be given on March 8 from 6-7 PM in the ADP rooms at the basement of Englehard Building. More information about the exam is posted here, I will hold extra office hours in Ackerson 200N on Sunday March 7 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

    3/3/04: Check the Notes page for new information

    2/19/04: The second homework is posted in Homeworks page

    2/19/04: New worksheets on regression are posted in Notes page

    2/5/04: The first home work set is posted in Homeworks page

    2/5/04: Some additions are made to the spreadsheets posted pleas check them out again

    2/1/04Spreadsheets for first and second lectures are posted in Notes page

    2/1/04: A complete Syllabus is posted, please download it

    1/24/04: First day of classes. Welcome! Please read the Syllabus page carefully

    1/24/04: The WebCT site for our course is up and running. To access it please click on the link and enter your eden/Pegasus or other Rutgers user ID and password.

    1/24/04:Also, I have put a short questionnaire on the webCT site which I appreciate you taking time and answering it.