MSIS 22:711:580, Spring 2004 Class meets on Tuesdays 6-9, class meets Lucy Stone Hall Wing A room 142

Last changed: 04/24/2004, 20:43:46

    Instructor: Farid Alizadeh

    Office: Room 105, RUTCOR Busch Campus 732-445-4857(Tuesdays only) and Newark:973-353-5488 (Mondays only) Here are directions






    Supplementary Notes

    4/23/04: An example of newsboy problem is worked out in newsboy.xls and example of R-Q model is worked out in QRInventory.xls (Expanded at 08:43 pm, 4/24/04)

    4/7/04: Inventory models for budget/space constraints, and for multiple production with one machine is posted in constrainedEOQ.xls

    3/31/04: The EOQ examples for volume discount cost models are posted in volumeDiscountEOQ.xls

    3/26/04: The examples of transportation and network flows are posted in Transport.xls and network.xls

    2/18/04: The complete aggregate planning model with corrections is posted in aggPlanning.xls. In addition the file aggPlan.pdf is updated to reflect the new example worked out in class. There are a couple of exercise in this file which you should attempt.

    2/11/04: Worksheets for the simple production scheduling aggPlanningSimple.xls is posted along with a short writeup aggPlan.pdf

    2/5/04; The worksheets for the diet problem example is posted in diet.xls

    2/1/04: The two Excel worksheets worked out in class last week are posted in gmSalesTimeSeries.xls and smoothingSales.xls