Homework Assignments for CS513

Fall 1997

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Please remember that homework assignments will constitute 60% of your final grade. The homeworks are due on the day they are assigned at the beginning of the lecture. Homeworks handed out during or after the lecture are considered late. You will lose 25% of the grade for each late homework. No late homework will be accepted after it was graded and handed back. Also you will not pass this course if you fail to hand in two homework assignments or more regardless of your total score!

  • Homework Assignment 1 in Word, postscript and html formats: Basic concepts of LP, the Simplex method, duality, degeneracy Due on October 15 1998 
  • Homework asignemnt 2 in Word , postscript, and html formats: degeneracy, duality, Farkas lemma, arbitrage theorem. Due Thursday Nobember 5th
  • Homework asignemnt 3 in Word, postscript formats is posted and is due on December 21 before 3pm.