Home Work Assignment 1

for MSIS 385 section 01

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Due September 22 1998 in class


      Make sure to put your name, student ID number and the date on the handout

      The homework is due at the beginning of the class period on the due date

      Late homeworks will lose 25%

      Remember: If you miss more than two homework assignments you will automatically fail the course, regardless of your score in exams and other assignments



Do problem 7.16 on page 259 of your text.

Question 2

It is estimated that 70% of kids prefer chocolate ice cream over vanilla. If a group of 75 kids are chosen at random, what is the probability that between 35 and 46 (inclusive) prefer Chocolate over vanilla? (Set up the problem in detail and write down the formulas as clearly as possible; then you may use Excel or other computational methods to compute the result.)

Question 3

Do question 8.16 on page 293 of your text.

Question 4

a.       For a random variable Z which has a Standard normal distribution use the table on page E4 (appendix E page 4) of your text and calculate the probability

Pr[-0.79 < Z < 1.07]

b.      For a random variable X with normal distribution, m =93, and s =181, find

Pr[-250< X < 183]

Question 5

In problem 2 above use normal distribution to approximate the solution and compare your result to the exact solution.


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