Home Work Assignment 2

for MSIS 385 section 01

Last modified on 10/11/99
Due on18 1999 in class


You need to hand in this assignment both on a diskette and in written form

Make sure to put your name, student ID number and the date on the handout and the diskette

The homework is due at the beginning of the class period on the due date

Late homeworks will lose 25%

Remember: If you miss more than two homework assignments you will automatically fail the course, regardless of your score in exams and other assignments

Question 1

Let S={1, 5, 6, 8}. Consider all samples of size 2. 

a)Form all possible samples of size 2 (without replacement) and record their sample mean and variance. 

b)Then give the cumulative distribution function of the two statistics, sample mean and sample variance, in tabular form. 

c)Compute mean and variance of both statistics.

Question 2 

Do problem 8.22 part b only on page 304 of your text. Use Excel to chart the probability plot. Use this file as a template. (Hand in the Excel part on a diskette with a clearly marked file.)

Question 3

Researchers at Iowa State University attempted to develop a probability model for dart throws. For each of 590 throws made at certain targets on a dart board, the distance from the dart to the target from the dart to the target was measured (to the nearest millimeter). The frequency of occurrences of each observed distance from the target is tabulated in this Excel file. Construct a normal probability plot for this data and use to assess whether the error distribution is approximately normal. (Hand in the Excel part on a diskette with a clearly marked file.)

Question 4

Do problem 9.8 on page 334 of your text. (you may use either the tables in your book or Excel for computations, in case you use Excel put it on a separate file on the diskette and refer to it clearly in the written part of your answer.)

Question 5

Do problem 9.13 on page 337 of your text. Again you may use Excel, tables on the book or any other computational tool at your disposal to solve this problem. Just make sure to explain all your work and your steps.

Question 6

Do problem 10.7 on page 349 of your text. Same comments about computations as the last two problems.

Problem 7

Do problem 10.14 on page 354.

Problem 8

Do problem 10.15 on page 355.

Problem 9

Do problem 10.45 on page 362.

Problem 10

Do problem 10.52 on page 365.

Problem 11

Do problem 10.55 on page 367.


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