Home Work Assignment 3

for MSIS 385 section 01

Last modified on 10/21/99
Due on 25 1999 in class


You need to hand in this assignment on a diskette only or by e-mail to alizadeh@andromeda.rutgers.edu. Use a single Excel file and put the answers for each question in a separate worksheet. Make sure the name of the worksheet matches the question number you are answering, for example you can name the worksheets Question 1, Question 2 etc. Put the written answers on the worksheet the question is about.

If you are using e-mail, make sure it is sent before class period on Monday the October 25. Put your files in a single .zip file with your first name followed by your last name, for example: JohnSmith.zip

Make sure to put your name, student ID number and the date on the diskette

The homework is due at the beginning of the class period on the due date

Late homeworks will lose 25%

Remember: If you miss more than two homework assignments you will automatically fail the course, regardless of your score in exams and other assignments

Question 1

Social workers in New York want to estimate the total number of homeless people in the city. They select 500 homeless people and record their names. Then the next day they send surveyors around town to choose a random sample of 400 homeless people and record their names. They find out that among the 400 people whose names were recorded by surveyors, 73 were also interviewed the day before. Give a confidence interval for the total number of homeless people in New York with confidence level of 75%. Use this Excel file as a template.

Question 2

Do problem 17.77 on page 773 of your text, only the following parts:

  1. part a)

  2. part b) using Excel chart wizard

  3. part c)

  4. part d)

  5. part f)

  6. by using the chart, and part g)

Make sure the written answers are in the worksheet associated to this question.

Question 3

Consider the data on the table in problem 17.78 on page 774. Using the regression tool in the data analysis under tools menu answer the following questions:

  1. Find the equation of the least square regression line.

  2. Find R2 and R values.

  3. What is the predicted value of a house with assessed values of $70,000?

  4. Draw the residual plots and comment on randomness and homoscedasticity of this data.

  5. Draw probability plots and comment on their meaning.

  6. Find the 98% confidence interval for intercept and slope of the regression line.


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