Home Work Assignment 4

for MSIS 385 section 01

Last modified on 11/5/99
Due on Monday November 15 1999 in class


I have fixed the problems with Excel files and Netscape. So you should be able to download Excel files by simply clicking on the file.

Here is the reading material relevant to this homework: All of chapter 11, except 11.10, Chapter 12 sections 12.1 to 12.3, Chapter 15, section 15.2.

You need to hand in this assignment on a diskette only or by e-mail to alizadeh@andromeda.rutgers.edu.

If you are using diskettes

  1. Put the answers for each question that needs Excel on a separate worksheet. Make sure the name of the worksheet matches the question number you are answering, for example you can name the worksheets Question 1, Question 2 etc. Put your written answers on the same worksheet the question is about (much the same way I have put the comments in the template file). Thus you need to have a single Excel file with as many worksheets as there are Excel questions.

  2. Put the answers for questions that do not use Excel on a single text file or Word file. Thus in the file you should have sections for each non excel question, for example question 2, question 3 etc.

  3. Put your name, ID number and the homework number on a label on the diskette.

If you are using e-mail,

  • make sure it is sent before class period on Monday the November 15.

  • Follow rules 1 and 2 above for diskettes except that in your e-mail attach the excel and the text (or word file) to your e-mail. Send only one e-mail with all the files attached to the same e-mail.

  • The subject of your e-mail should contain "MSIS 385 HW4" verbatim plus your name and your ID number.

Make sure to put your name, student ID number and the date on the diskette

The homework is due at the beginning of the class period on the due date

Late homeworks will lose 25%

Remember: If you miss more than two homework assignments you will automatically fail the course, regardless of your score in exams and other assignments

Question 1

Solve the following problems using Excel. Use this Excel file as a template.

  1. Do problems 11.11 on page 392 and 11.19 on page 395.

  2. Also solve the problem described in them using the confidence interval method.

  3. For the problem calculate the b and and the power and use Excel to chart the power curve.

Question 2

Do problems 11.17 on page 393 and 11.35 on page 400 using calculators and the tables in your book. Do not use Excel. (You may use Excel to verify your answer if you wish.

Question 3

Do problem 12.7 on page 430 using calculators and tables in your book. Do not use Excel except for checking you results if you wish.

Question 4

Do problem 12.11 on page 430 using Excel.

Question 5

Do problem 15.2 on page 609 using Excel.

Question 6

Do problem 15.6 on page 610 using calculators and tables in your book. Do not use Excel unless for checking your answers.


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