Object Oriented Systems Concepts and Approach

MSIS 640

Last updated 12/1/99

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 Some resources (how to get Java, books, etc.)

*   Instructor: Farid Alizadeh

*  Office hours: MW 1-2 pm Levin 245 or by appointment

*e-mail: alizadeh@andromeda.rutgers.edu

*  telephone: 732-445-4857

*Announcement: I am still working on your homework grades, check by tomorrow (Thursday around noon)

*The Third homework is revised and the due date is postponed to November

*Check out the Notes page there are some new material on UML

*My solution to the second sorting assignment is posted. Please check it out.

*   TA: Yu Xia

*  Office hours: Th 4-5pm RUTCOR Bldg library

 * e-mail: yuxia@pegagus.rutgers.edu

*  telephone: 732-445-9090

* Textbook: Naughton and Schildt, "Java 2, the complete reference", 3rd edition, Osborne approximately $40