Web and other Resources for Java and Object Oriented Programming

Last revised on 9/14/99

How to download Java2

* To download java2 visit the standard edition java page and follow their instructions. Please note this almost 20 megabyte and may take a while to download the whole thing.

* The Java Tutorial Book is available on line. You can may specially check out the getting started section to see how to open a file, write a Java code, save, compile and run it, all under Windows, but the unix version is similar.

* In addition there are some commercial development packages known as interactive development environments or IDE. Here is a list:

      Netbeans (Free download for personal and noncommercial use)

      Jbuilder (If you wish to buy it, do it through University Bookstore and show your student ID to get it for $50)

      VisualAge BY IBM

      Visual Cafe By Symantec

      Power J By Sybase

      J Developer By Oracle

      Code Warrior By Metroworks

      Visual J++ By Microsoft

Some other resources:

* The magazine Java Developers Journal is an a trade journal with articles and tips on Java programming

* Te text book "An Introduction to Object Oriented Programming" 2nd Edition by T. Budd is a good book on object oriented design with lots of examples and codes in various languages, some in Java.


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