Home Work Assignment 1

for MSIS 385 section 02

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Due February 5 1998 in class


Make sure to put your name, student ID number and the date on the handout


Question 1

Do question 6.24 parts a) and b) on page 217 of your text

Question 2

Do question 6.29 on page 221 of your text

Question 3

Do question 8.9 on page 292 of your text

Question 4

Do question 8.10 on page 292 of your text

Question 5

A fair coin is tossed four times. Let X denote the number of heads occurring.

  1. Identify the sample S of all possible equally probable outcomes (altogether 16 of them)
  2. Identify the sample space T of all possible values of the random variable X.
  3. For each possible value of X write down the probability of its occurring
  4. State the probability density function f(x) of random variable X.
  5. State the probability distribution function of random variable X.

Question 6

  1. For a random variable Z which has a Standard normal distribution use the table on page E4 (appendix E page 4) of your text and calculate the probability
  2. Pr[-0.82 < Z < 1.27]

  3. For a random variable X with normal distribution, m =93, and s =181, find

Pr[-275< X < 192]

Question 7

Suppose that in a survey of 279 kids it has been determined that 67% of them prefer chocolate ice cream to vanilla. Suppose a group of 69 kids from this population is selected. Using normal approximation to the binomial distribution determine approximately the probability that between 45 and 52 of them prefer chocolate ice cream.

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