Home work Assignments

Last updated 4/27/99 11:21 PM

Please Note the following rules: 

Homework assignments are due at the beginning of the class session on the due date 

Late homeworks will lose 25% of their grade. No late homework will be accepted one week after the due date. 

Important: If you fail to hand-in more than two homeworks you will fail the course regardless of your scores in tests and other homeworks.

How to hand in your homeworks: 

Assignments involving computer projects should be handed in on a floppy disk; others on paper

Make sure your name, student ID number, homework number, and date are written on the label on the floppy or paper


Home work assignment 1


 Home work assignment 2


 Home work assignment 3


Home work assignment 4


  • Assignment 4 is posted in Word format and in Html format
  • Due April 13 1999
  • Check out the Excel file Problem121.xls for hints on Excel aspects of this assignment.
  • Note: In problem 1 don't find the "power regression" curve; apparently there are problems with this feature on Excel version implemented on some computers on the campus.

 New: Home work assignment 5


  • Assignment 5 is partially posted. The rest will be posted on Friday April 23: in Word format and in html format.
  • Due on Monday May 10 in professor Alizadeh's RUTCOR office before 5pm. This is a strict deadline. No late homeworks are accepted. The answers will be posted on the night of tenth.

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