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 Instructor: Farid Alizadeh

 Office: RUTCOR Bldg. Rm 105, phone: 445-4857

 Extended Office hours: Thursday May 6, 1-3pm.


 Grader: Linchun Gao, Office: RUTCOR rm 145

 Phone: 445-0685,


New announcements as of 5/16/99 11:13 PM

 First an apology about answers to homework 5, all week last week, and even today connection to any Rutgers computer from outside was blocked, no ftp, telnet, or web access was possible, not even at 2 and 3 O'clock in the morning. The connection was established for a very short period of time but I made a mistake and put a link to HW5Answers.xls instead of HW5Answers.html. Since the connection went down quickly I had no chance to catch this mistake. In any case the answers to HW5 didn't have much effect on the exam. Only Chi-square tests were included for which you already had a detailed example in CHI.xls.

 The final grades are posted. Please make sure all the scores are recorded correctly. As you can see no one who showed u and handed in all assignments and took the exams failed the course. Have a nice summer everyone.

Old announcements

 Partial answers to problem set 5 is posted see t also the accompanying Excel worksheet.

 For a couple of days the Excel files CHI.xls and HW4Answers.xls were virus infected. The disinfected versions are here now. Please check them out. (Thanks Rina, by the way your mailbox is full and all my replies bounce back…)

 Home work is due Now! I will post the answers tonight or tomorrow morning, please be patient.

 Error correction: On Question 11 I ask for problem 3.9; it should be turned into problem 3.19. The new home work is posted.

 An Excel file containing solution to most of homework assignment number 4 questions is posted. Please pay particular attention to comments in some cells (These cells have a tiny re triangle on their upper right corner.)

 The updated reading for material covered after the test is as follows:

    1. Chapter 17: Sections 17.1-17.9 (skip material on standardized residual)
    2. Chapter 18: Sections 18.1-18.3
    3. Chapter 11: all except 11.10
    4. Chapter 12: sections 12.1-12.4
    5. Chapter 15: Sections 15.1-15.6
    6. Chapter 13: Sections 13.1-13.4
    7. Chapter 14: Sections14.1-14.4, skip 14.4.5.

 The exam will be held on Wednesday May 12, 1999 between 12:00an 2:00 pm in class. The exam is closed book and notes. Bring a calculator with you. Questions will be mostly on material covered since the first exam, however, you should know the material of the first half since some topics rely on them.

 I will have my last extended office hours on Thursday May 6 from 1 to 3 pm. After that I will be reachable only by e-mail. (I will be in Atlanta for a conference from Friday 7th through Friday 14th) I will read my e-mail only at nights and answer them then (once a day.)

Previous important announcements:

Homework assignment 5 is updated. It is due on Monday May 10. This is a strict deadline, no late homeworks will be accepted. Solutions will be posted on the night of tenth.

  An Excel file has been posted which contains examples of Chi squared, 2-sample and ANOVA analysis.

 Projects and Homeworks

 Exams Second exam on May 12, further details to be posted soon…

 Important: I will have extended office hour in the week of May 3 through May 7. I will have office hours from 1 to 3pm on Monday 3rd, Wednesday 5th and Thursday 8th. I will be out of town the week of May 9-May 15, although I will be reachable by e-mail (will read and reply e-mails at nights.)




Required: M.L. Berenson & D.M. Levine, "Basic Business Statistics", Sixth Edition, Prentice Hall, 1996

Optional: M.R. Middleton, "Data Analysis Using Excel",Duxbury, 1997