Extended Abstracts of Accepted Contributions

We are pleased to announce that the following 29 contributions have been accepted by the program committee (out of 42 submissions) for presentation at the 7th Int'l Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics.

AI&M 1-2002. J.P. Bernick: Minimizing Output Error in Multi-Layer Perceptrons
AI&M 2-2002. D. Cenzer and A.K.C.S. Vanderbilt: Common Derivations in Locally Determined Logic Programs
AI&M 3-2002. S. Colton and L.Dennis: The NumbersWithNames Program
AI&M 4-2002. S. Colton and G.Sutcliffe: Automatic Generation of Benchmark Problems for Automated Theorem Proving Systems
AI&M 5-2002. S.A. Cook and Y. Liu: A Complete Axiomatization for Blocks World
AI&M 6-2002. T. Dimitriou: Characterizing the Space of all Cliques in Random Graphs using ``Go with the Winners''
AI&M 7-2002. T. Elomaa and Matti Kaeaeriaeinen: The Difficulty of Reduced Error Pruning of Leveled Branching Programs
AI&M 8-2002. E. Byeon: Graph decomposition heuristic for machine scheduling problems
AI&M 9-2002. D. Guller: Semantics for fuzzy disjunctive programs with similarity
AI&M 10-2002. H. Zhang: A Randomization Strategy for Combinatorial Search
AI&M 11-2002. E. Harris: Information Gain Versus Gain Ratio: A Study of Split Method Biases
AI&M 12-2002. M. Hermo and V. Lavin: Negative Results on Learning Dependencies with Queries
AI&M 13-2002. E. Maclean, J. Fleuriot and A. Smaill: Proof planning Non-standard Analysis
AI&M 14-2002. B. Apolloni and D. Malchiodi: Narrowing confidence interval width of PAC learning risk function by algorithmic inference
AI&M 15-2002. C. Michel: Exact Projection Functions for Floating Point Number Constraints (pdf)
AI&M 16-2002. M. Nakamura and K. Uehara: Improvement of Boosting Algorithm by Modifying the Weighting Rule
AI&M 17-2002. H. Papadopoulos, K. Proedrou, V. Vovk and A. Gammerman: Inductive Confidence Machines for Regression
AI&M 18-2002. K. Proedrou, I. Nouretdinov, V. Vovk and A. Gammerman: Transductive Confidence Machines for Pattern Recognition
AI&M 19-2002. L.E. Raileanu and K. Stoffel: Theoretical Comparison between the Gini Index and Information Gain Criteria
AI&M 20-2002. W. M. Schorlemmer: Duality in Knowledge Sharing
AI&M 21-2002. J. G. Stell: Part and Complement: Fundamental Concepts in Spatial Relations
AI&M 22-2002. M. Tsuyuguchi and K. Uehara: Bias-Variance-Decomposition of Zero-One Loss in Average-Case Model
AI&M 23-2002. A. Van Gelder: Generalizations of Watched Literals for Backtracking Search
AI&M 24-2002. A. Van Gelder: Extracting (Easily) Checkable Proofs from a Satisfiability Solver that Employs both Preorder and Postorder Resolution
AI&M 25-2002. W. Zhang and N.L. Zhang: An Alternative Formulation of Dynamic-Programming Updates for POMDPs
AI&M 26-2002. M. Luks and A. Roy: Symmetry Breaking in Constraint Satisfaction
AI&M 27-2002. S.K.M. Wong, T. Lin and D. Wu: Construction of a Bayesian DAG from Conditional Independencies
AI&M 28-2002. S.A. Oprisan: Quantitative measures of organizational degree induced by mobile agents
AI&M 29-2002. E.N. Smirnov, H.J. van den Herik and I.G. Sprinkhuizen-Kuyper: Adaptable Boundary Sets

Please cite these papers by the above numbers, e.g. as

J.P. Bernick. Minimizing Output Error in Multi-Layer Perceptrons, AI&M 1-2002, Seventh International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics, January 2-4, 2002, Fort Lauderdale, Florida