Accepted Contributions

We are pleased to announce the following invited talks for the 7th Int'l Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics, Jan. 2-4, 2002 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

  1. Tom Dean: Searching in the Space of Very Large Structured Models

    We consider a variety of problems from automated planning, hardware verification and stochastic sequential decision making and attempt to identify sources of structure in these problems that render some of them tractable. In the process, we consider lessons learned in one community that are, not surprisingly, relearned in other communities. We then consider the power of randomization in obtaining approximations to those problems for which some notion of approximate solution makes sense. Finally, we revisit some of the basic assumptions concerning the formulation and quantification of such models.

  2. Sarit Kraus: Real-time cooperation: Adversarial domains vs. cooperative domains


  3. György Turan: On theory revision

    The objective of theory revision is to fix a given roughly correct theory. We formulate this problem in the computational learning theory framework of learning with queries, and present some revision algorithms and negative results. This is joint work with Judy Goldsmith, Bob Sloan and Balazs Szorenyi.