Extended Abstracts

We are pleased to announce that the following 30 contributions have been accepted (out of 64 submissions) for presentation during the Eighth International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics, January 4-6, 2004 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

AI&M 0-2004
"Title Page and Contents", (PDF).
AI&M 1-2004
Bochman, A.
"Production Inference, Nonmonotonicity and Abduction", (PDF).
AI&M 2-2004
Boettcher, S., Istrate, G. and Percus, A.G.
"Spines of Random Constraint Satisfaction Problems: Definition and Impact on Computational Complexity", (PDF).
AI&M 3-2004
Ceberio, M. and Modave, F.
"Interval-Based Multicriteria Decision Making", (PDF).
AI&M 4-2004
Cenzer, D., Marek, V.W. and Remmel, J.B.
"Using Logic Programs to Reason about Infinite Sets", (PDF).
AI&M 5-2004
Chen, H.
"The Expressive Rate of Constraints", (PDF).
AI&M 6-2004
Davidson, I. and Aminian, M.
"Using the Central Limit Theorem for Belief Network Learning", (PDF).
AI&M 7-2004
Dolgov, D.A. and Durfee, E.H.
"Approximate Probabilistic Constraints and Risk-Sensitive Optimization Criteria in Markov Decision Processes", (PDF).
AI&M 8-2004
Garg, A., Jayram, T.S., Vaithyanathan, S. and Zhu, H.
"Generalized Opinion Pooling", (PDF).
AI&M 9-2004
Gmytrasiewicz, P.J. and Doshi, P.
"A Framework for Sequential Planning in Multi-Agent Settings", (PDF).
AI&M 10-2004
Guo, Y., Lim, A., Rodrigues, B. and Zhu, Y.
"Heuristics for a Brokering Set Packing Problem", (PDF).
AI&M 11-2004
Hnich, B., Kiziltan, Z. and Walsh, T.
"Combining Symmetry Breaking with Other Constraints: Lexicographic Ordering with Sums", (PDF).
AI&M 12-2004
Huang, G. and Lim, A.
"A Simple Yet Effective Framework for Optimization Problems". (PDF).
AI&M 13-2004
Huang, K., Yang, H., King, I., Lyu, M.R. and Chan, L.
"Biased Minimax Probability Machine for Medical Diagnosis", (PDF).
AI&M 14-2004
Isli, A.
"Combining Cardinal Direction Relations and Relative Relations in QSR", (PDF).
AI&M 15-2004
Jarvisalo, M., Junttila, T.A. and Niemela, I.
"Unrestricted vs Restricted Cut in a Tableau Method for Boolean Circuits", (PDF).
AI&M 16-2004
Karciauskas, G., Jensen, F.V. and Kocka, T.
"Parameter Reusing in Learning Latent Class Models", (PDF).
AI&M 17-2004
Kask, K., Dechter, R. and Gogate, V.
"New Look-Ahead Schemes for Constraint Satisfaction", (PDF).
AI&M 18-2004
Lee, A.
"Learning via Finitely Many Queries", (PDF).
AI&M 19-2004
Mitra, D.
"Modeling and Reasoning with Star Calculus", (PDF).
AI&M 20-2004
Mudgal, A., Tovey, C. and Koenig, S.
"Analysis of Greedy Robot-Navigation Methods", (PDF).
AI&M 21-2004
Pearson, J.
"Symmetry Breaking in Constraint Satisfaction with Graph-Isomorphism: Comma-Free Codes", (PDF).
AI&M 22-2004
Pucella, R.
"Deductive Algorithmic Knowledge", (PDF).
AI&M 23-2004
Restificar, R. and Haddawy, P.
"Inferring Utilities from Negotiation Actions", (PDF).
AI&M 24-2004
Shen, H. and Zhang, H.
"Improving Exact Algorithms for MAX-2-SAT", (PDF).
AI&M 25-2004
Smart, W.D.
"Explicit Manifold Representations for Value-Function Approximation in Reinforcement Learning", (PDF).
AI&M 26-2004
Tompkins, D.A.D. and Hoos, H.H.
"Warped Landscapes and Random Acts of SAT Solving", (PDF).
AI&M 27-2004
Velev, M.N.
"Using Automatic Case Splits and Efficient CNF Translation to Guide a SAT-solver when Formally Verifying Out-Of-Order Processors", (PDF).
AI&M 28-2004
Walton, C.D.
"Multi-Agent Dialogue Protocols", (PDF).
AI&M 29-2004
Yin, K. and Davidson, I.
"Bayesian Model Averaging Across Model Spaces via Compact Encoding", (PDF).
AI&M 30-2004
Zhu, Y. and Lim, A.
"Crane Scheduling with Spatial Constraints: Mathematical Models and Solving Approaches", (PDF).

Please cite these papers using the above numbers as follows:

Alexander Bochman. Inference, Nonmonotonicity and Abduction, Production. AI&M 1-2004, Eighth International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics, January 4-6, 2004, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The online proceedings are also available as large PDF files: aimath04-I, aimath04-II.