My Musical Toys

All purchased new...

  • A 1976 (but possibly made a few years earlier) Selmer Mark VI tenor saxophone. I use a Otto Link "Tone Edge" mouthpiece with a 6-star facing, and Rico Jazz Select 3M reeds (often shaved down a bit due to pathetic state of my chops). Until recently, I was using a metal Otto Link "Super Tone Master" (also 6-star), but for the bossa nova music I'm playing now, the rubber mouthpiece sound seems better.

  • A 1980 Martin M36 flattop acoustic guitar. My favorite strings are Martin Marquis light guage, swapping the high "E" for something a bit heavier to reduce twanging.

  • A 2001 Epiphone "Dot" semihollow electric guitar. It's basically a knock-off of the classic Gibson ES-335. I'm still on the original strings, which are overdue to be replaced. I play it through a Tech 21 practice amp.