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Welcome to the home page for the Pseudo-Boolean Optimization (PBO) web-project.

What's New

The following is a dated list of additions to our web.


A bibliography on PBO has been added to this website.


The G1 family has been added to the set of benchmark problems.
The list of best known values of the Large and the Medium families has been updated.
Optimal values have been found for several benchmarks in families: D, E, F2, G2, OR-LIB 100 and OR-LIB 250.
Due to an error in a script file, the  OR-LIB 1000 benchmarks were incorrectly manipulated in the past. This problem is fixed now, and the best values of this dataset can be seen here.


8,780 unconstrained 0-1 quadratic test problems have been added to the set of benchmark problems.
For each particular dataset, the best 0-1 vector solution found can be obtained in this website.


The best known results for a set of benchmark problems for 0-1 quadratic optimization can be obtained here.
There are some test problems with new best values to the research community, namely within the F2 and G2 families.


The PBO website is created at the RUTCOR server.
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