David Shanno, Professor Emeritus

RUTCOR - Rutgers Center of Operations Research
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ 08903-5062

Email: shanno@rutcor.rutgers.edu



Recent Publications and Research Reports



(with H. Benson)          "An Exact Primal-dual Penalty Method Approach to Warmstarting Interior-point Methods for Linear Programming."  COAP 38(3), 371-399, December 2007.


(with H. Benson)          "Interior Point Methods for Nonconvex Nonlinear Programming: Regularization and

                                     Warmstarts." COAP 40(2), 143-189, June 2008.


(with I. Griva, R. Vanderbei and H. Y. Benson) "Global Convergence of a Primal-Dual interior Point Method 

                                      for Nonlinear Programming." Algorithmic Operations Research 3(1), 2008.


(with A. Sen)                  "Optimization and dynamical systems algorithms for finding equilibria of stochastic

                                        games." Optimization Methods and Software, 23(6), 975-993, December 2008.


(with H. Y. Benson and A. Sen )" Interior-point method for nonconvex nonlinear

                                         programming: convergence analysis and computational experience"  Working Paper.       




Curriculum Vitae