Peter L. Hammer Memorial Colloquium

Friday, April 20, 2007 2:00 PM

RUTCOR Building

640 Bartholomew Road, Busch Campus



Speaker: Professor Egon Balas, Carnegie Mellon University

Topic: Projecting systems of linear inequalities in binary variables

Abstract: Projecting systems of linear inequalities is a well-known technique; but when the variables are binary, the procedure becomes rather complex. We will discuss some of the problems that arise in this context.



Speaker: Professor Vasek Chvatal,Concordia University

Topic: Selected graphs of Peter Hammer

Abstract: Peter Hammer's energy and inventiveness enriched diverse mathematical fields. In particular, he will be remembered for introducing a number of interesting classes of graphs where classical optimization problems can be solved by specialized efficient algorithms. I will survey this aspect of his work with highlights on threshold graphs, split graphs, and completely separable graphs. ======================================================================


Speaker: Professor Yves Crama, University of Liege

Topic: Boolean methods in operations research and related areas: Selected topics

Abstract: For nearly 50 years, most of Peter Hammer's scientific activity revolved around the investigation of Boolean functions, of their generalizations and of their applications. In this talk, we outline some of the main questions arising in this field, as Peter Hammer himself liked to identify them. ======================================================================