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1. Yves Crama

Recognition of Solution of Structured Discrete Optimization Problems
Adviser: Peter L. Hammer - October 1987
Current affiliation: University of Liege, Belgium
2. Shi-Hui Lu

Essays on Global Optimization-Theory and Algorithms
Adviser: Pierre Hansen - October 1989
Current affiliation: Sun Microsystem, San Jose, CA
3. Frederic Maffray

Structural Aspects of perfect Graphs
Adviser: Peter L. Hammer - October 1989
Current affiliation: Laboratoire Leibniz-IMAG, Grenoble, France
4. Garth T. Isaak

Odd Forests, Reversing Numbers, and Discrete Representations of Interval Orders
Adviser: Fred S. Roberts - October 1990
Current affiliation: Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA
5. Guoli Ding

The Immersion Relation on Webs
Adviser: Paul D. Seymour - October 1991
Current affiliation: Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
6. Ansu Bagchi

Optimality Conditions and Algorithms for Homogeneous and Quadratic Minimization over Spheres and their Applications in Local Optimization
Adviser: Bahman Kalantari - October 1991
Current affiliation: Merck & Co. Inc., Rahway, NJ
7. Chi Wang

Competition Graphs, Threshold Graphs, and Threshold Boolean Functions
Adviser: Fred Roberts - October 1991
Current affiliation: University of Louisville, KY
8. Caterina De Simone

The Max Cut Problem
Adviser: Pierre Hansen - January 1992
Current affiliation: IASI, National Research Council, Rome, Italy
9. Xueqing Tang

Topics in Optimization and Combinatorics
Adviser: Adi Ben-Israel - May 1992
Current affiliation: LINDO Systems, Chicago,IL
10. Maolin Zheng

Perfect Matchings in Benzenoid Systems
Adviser: Pierre Hansen - October 1992
Current affiliation: Fair Isaac & Co., San Rafael, CA
11. Michael Murr

Some Stochastic Problems in Fiber Production
Adviser: Andras Prekopa - October 1992
Current affiliation:
12. Denise Sakai Troxell

Generalized Graph Colorings and Unit Interval Graphs
Adviser: Fred Roberts - October 1992
Current affiliation: Babson College, MA
13. Alice (Pey-Chun) Chen

Vertex Enumeration Methods and Continuous Location Theory
Adviser: Pierre Hansen - October 1992
Current affiliation: AT&T Bell Labs, Somerset, NJ
14. Richard (Xiaorong) Sun

Combinatorial Algorithms for Boolean and Pseudo-Boolean Functions
Adviser: Peter L. Hammer - October 1992
Current affiliation:
15. Keh-Wei Lih

Applications of Zero-One Linear Programming with Multiple-Choice Constraints
Adviser: Pierre Hansen - January 1993
Current affiliation: AT&T Bell Labs, Somerset, NJ
16. Hernan Abeledo

The Stable Matching Problem
Adviser: Uriel Rothblum - May 1993
Current affiliation: George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
17. Janice Kim Winch

Optimal Design and Control of Production Queueing Networks
Adviser: Benjamin Avi-Itzhak - October 1993
Current affiliation: Pace University, New York, NY
18. Andras Pluhar

Positional Games on the Infinite Chessboard
Adviser: Jozsef Beck - May 1994
Current affiliation: University of Szeged, Hungary
19. Marc Breitfeld

Penalty-Barrier Methods for Nonlinear Programming
Adviser: David F. Shanno - October 1994
Current affiliation:
20. Jianming Miao

Topics in Matrix Theory and Optimization
Adviser: Adi Ben-Israel - May 1995
Current affiliation: AT&T, Short Hills, NJ
21. Wen-Zhong Li

Dual Method and Bounding for Stochastic Programs with Applications in Activity Networks
Adviser: Andras Prekopa - May 1995
Current affiliation: Sun Microsystem, San Jose, CA
22. Jianmin Long

Some New Probability Bounds and Their Applications
Adviser: Andras Prekopa - May 1995
Current affiliation: Schering-Plough, Kenilworth, NJ
23. Ondrej Cepek

Structural Properties and Minimization of Horn Boolean Functions
Adviser: Endre Boros - October 1995
Current affiliation: Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
24. Dale Peterson

Gridline Graphs and the Choice Number of Perfect Line Graphs
Adviser: Fred Roberts - October 1995
Current affiliation: US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO
25. Wenan Zang

Three Topics in Graph Theory
Adviser: Vasek Chvatal - October 1995
Current affiliation: University of Hong Kong
26. Jonathon Phillips

Problems in Biometrics and Biomedical Imaging
Adviser: Yehuda Vardi - January 1996
Current affiliation: National Institute of Standards & Technology, Gaithersburg, MD
27. Arun Balakrishnan

Hardware/Software Techniques for Sequential Logic Testing
Adviser: Endre Boros - May 1996
Current affiliation: LSI Logic Corp., Milpitas, CA
28. Partha Narasimhan

QoS-Based Bandwidth Allocation in Wireless Networks
Adviser: Roy Yates - May 1996
Current affiliation: Aruba Wireless Networks, San Jose, CA
29. Tamas Badics

Approximation of Some Nonlinear Binary Optimization Problems
Adviser: Endre Boros - May 1996
Current affiliation:
30. Oya Ekin Karasan

Special Classes of Boolean Functions
Adviser: Peter L. Hammer - May 1997
Current affiliation: Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey
31. Therese Biedl

Orthogonal Graph Visualization: The Three-Phase Method with Applications
Adviser: Endre Boros - May 1997
Current affiliation: University of Waterloo, Ontario, CA
32. David Rader

The Structure and Solution of Various Quadratic Pseudo-Boolean Optimization Problems
Adviser: Peter L. Hammer - May 1997
Current affiliation: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre-Haute, IN
33. Lorant Porkolab

On the Complexity of Real and Integer Semidefinite Programming
Adviser: Leonid Khachiyan - October 1997
Current affiliation:
34. Reuben Settergren

Theory and Algorithms for Physical Mapping of DNA
Adviser: Farid Alizadeh - January 1998
Current affiliation: BAE Systems, San Diego, CA
35. Mario Cordova

Applications of Network Flows to Computerized Adaptive Testing
Adviser: Ronald Armstrong - January 1998
Current affiliation: University of Puerto Rico
36. Shaoji Xu

Cycle Space: Cycle Bases, Signed Graphs and Marked Graphs
Adviser: Fred Roberts - May 1998
Current affiliation: AT&T, Middletown, NJ
37. Li Sheng

Some Graph Theoretic Approaches to Problems of the Social and Biological Sciences: Social Roles, Phylogenetic Trees, and Physical Mapping
Adviser: Fred Roberts - October 1998
Current affiliation: Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
38. Duane Christ

Strategic Equilibria for Competitive Servers
Adviser: Benjamin Avi-Itzhak - October 1998
Current affiliation:
39. Fuan Zhao

Envelope Theorem and Duality of Optimization Problems
Adviser: Adi Ben-Israel - October 1998
Current affiliation: Instinet, NY
40. Jorge Villavicencio

Approximation Algorithms for Min-Max Structured Optimization
Adviser: Michael Grigoriadis - May 1999
Current affiliation: Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago, Chile
41. Tonguc Unluyurt

Sequential Testing of Complex Systems
Adviser: Endre Boros - October 1999
Current affiliation: Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey
42. Stefan Schmieta

Application of Jordan Algebras to the Design and Analysis of Interior-Point Algorithms for Linear, Quadratically Constrained Quadratic, and Semi-Definite Programming
Adviser: Farid Alizadeh - OCtober 1999
Current affiliation: Axioma, Atlanta, GA
43. Jason Schattman

Portfolio Selection Under Nonconvex Transaction Costs and Capital Gains Taxes
Adviser: Michael Rothkopf - May 2000
Current affiliation: High School Teacher, Waterloo, Ontario
44. Unsal Ozdogru

Performance Analysis of Continuous Material Flow Systems
Adviser: Tayfur Altiok - October 2000
(Masters Degree in May 1997)
Current affiliation: Nielsen Co., Chicago, IL
45. Luz Pinzon

Developing Sequential Controllers for Discrete Event Systems
Adviser: M.A. Jafari - January 2001
(Masters Degree in October 1997)
Current affiliation: Lucent Technologies, CA
46. Linchun Gao

New Probability Bounds with Applications in Cellular Telecommunication Networks Block Placement Problem
Adviser: Andras Prekopa - May 2001
Current affiliation: AT&T, Florham Park, NJ
47. Tiina Heillinen

On Resource Allocation in Externality Networks
Adviser: Andras Prekopa - May 2001
Current affiliation: University of Lund, Sweden
48. Yuri Levin

Directional Newton Methods: Theory and Applications
Adviser: Adi Ben-Israel - October 2001
Current affiliation: Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
YLevin@business.queensu.ca (http://www.yurilevin.com)
49. Concetta DePaolo

A Stochastic Programming Model for Optimal College Enrollments
Adviser: Andrzej Ruszczynski - October 2001
(Masters Degree in May 1996)
Current affiliation: Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN
50. Lijie Shi

Bounds on the Size of Turan-type Families and Datamining
Adviser: Endre Boros - October 2001
Current affiliation: NY City Office of Management & Budget
51. Pierangela Veneziana

Combinatorics of Boole's Problem
Adviser: Endre Boros - January 2002
Current affiliation: SUNY Rochester, NY
52. Mikhail Nediak

Convexity Cuts and Integrality Merit Functions for Mixed Integer Programming
Adviser: Jonathan Eckstein - October 2002
Current affiliation: Queens University, Kingston, Ontario
53. Sandor Szedmak

Methods for Solving Ill-conditioned and Large Scale Probability Bounding and Discrete Moment Problems
Adviser: Andras Prekopa - October 2002
Current affiliation: ISIS Group, Electronics & CS, University of South Hampton, England
54. Ying Liu

Combinatorial Box Partitioning, Box Packing and their Applications
Adviser: Endre BOros - October 2003
Current affiliation: Royal Military College, Kingston, Ontario
55. Sorin Alexe

Learning Binary Functions: Combinatorial Prognosis and Diagnosis
Adviser: Peter L. Hammer - January 2004
Current affiliation: WorldQuant, LLC, Greenwich, CT
56. Gabriela Alexe

Combinatorial Enhancements of Logical Analysis of Data: Applications to Genomics, Proteomics and Biomaterial Design
Adviser: Peter L. Hammer - January 2004
Current affiliation: Broad Institute/Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
57. Rodica Boliac

NP-hard Graph Problems and Boundary Classes of Graphs
Adviser: Vadim Lozin - January 2005
Current affiliation:
58. Shuo Pan

Hybrid Network Simulation
Adviser: Benjamin Melamed - May 2005
Current affiliation: Teleglobe, Princeton, NJ
59. Tongyin Liu

A New Method to Solve Stochastic Programming Problems under Probabilistic Constraint with Discrete Random Variables
Adviser: Andras Prekopa - January 2006
(Master's Degree in OCtober 2005)
Current affiliation: ACE USA, Philadelphia, PA
60. Igor Zverovich

Hereditary Classes of Graphs, Hypergraphs and Boolean Functions
Adviser: Peter L. Hammer - May 2006
Current affiliation:
61. Konrad Borys

On Generation of Cut Conjunctions, Minimal Connected and Spanning Subsets and Vertices
Adviser: Endre Boros - October 2006
Current affiliation: Sabre, Dallas, TX
62. Nilay Noyan

Optimization with First Order Stochastic Dominance Constraints
Adviser: Andrej Ruszczynski - October 2006
(Master's Degree in January 2004)
Current affiliation: Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey
63. Xiaoling Hou

New Results in Stochastic Programming under Incomplete Information
Adviser: Andras Prekopa - October 2006
(Master's Degree in October 2005)
Current affiliation:
64. Ersoy Subasi

Sharp Bounds for Expectations and Probabilities in a Distribution with Given Shape Information
Adviser: Andras Prekopa - January 2007
Current affiliation: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL
65. Martin Milanic

Algorithmic Developments and Complexity Results for Finding Maximum and Exact Independent Sets in Graphs
Adviser: Vadim Lozin - May 2007
(Master's Degree in January 2006)
Current affiliation: University of Primorska, Koper, Slovenia
66. Marcin Kaminski

New Algorithmic and Hardness Results on Graph Partitioning Problems
Adviser: Vadim Lozin - May 2007
Current affiliation: Algorithms Research Group, ULB, Belgium
67. Irina Lozina

Composite Boolean Separators for Data Analysis with Applications in Computed Tomography and Gene Expression Microarray Data
Advisers: Peter L. Hammer and Alex Kogan - May 2007
(Master's Degree in May 2003)
Current affiliation: University of Warwick, England
68. Tiberius Bonates

Optimization in Logical Analysis of Data
Advisers: Peter L. Hammer and Alex Kogan - October 2007
Current affiliation: University of Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
69. Cem Iyigun

Probabilistic Distance Clustering
Adviser: Adi Ben-Israel - January 2008
(Master's Degree in May 2004)
Current affiliation: Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
70. Mine Subasi

New Results in Probability Bounding: A Convexity Statement and Unimodality of Multivariate Discrete Distributions
Adviser: Andras Prekopa - May 2008
Current affiliation: Florida Institute of Technology
71. Gabriel Tavares

New Algorithms for Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization (QUBO) with Applications in Engineering and Social Sciences
Advisers: Peter L. Hammer and Endre Boros - May 2008
Current affiliation: FICO, New York, NY
72. Naomi Miller

Mean-Risk Portfolio Optimization Problems with Risk-Adjusted Measures
Adviser: Andrej Ruszczynski - October 2008
Current affiliation:
73. Liliya Fedzhora

A Linear Programming Model for Sequential Testing
Adviser: Endre Boros - October 2008
Current affiliation: Dept.of Transportation, Richmond, VA
74. Gabor Rudolf

New Results in Optimization with Functional Constraints
Adviser: Farid Alizadeh - October 2009
Current affiliation: Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
75. Anupama Reddy

Combinatorial Pattern-based Survival Analysis with Applications in Biology and Medicine
Advisers: Peter L. Hammer and Endre Boros - October 2009
Current affiliation: Novartis, Cambridge, MA
76. Noam Goldberg

Optimization for Sparse and Accurate Classifiers
Adviser: Jonathan Eckstein - January 2010
Current affiliation: The Technion, Haifa, Israel
77. Xiang Zhao

Multivariate Autoregressive Modular Processes
Adviser: Benjamin Melamed - May 2010
Current affiliation: Harvard Clinical Research Institute, Boston, MA
78. Ricardo Collado Soto

Scenario Decomposition of Risk-Averse Stochastic Optimization Problems
Adviser: Andrzej Ruszczynski - October 2010
Current affiliation: New York University - Post-Doctoral Fellow
79. David Papp

Optimization Models for Shape-Constrained Function Estimation Problems Involving Nonnegative Polynomials and Their Restrictions
Adviser: Farid Alizadeh - May 2011
Current affiliation: Northwestern University - Post-Doctoral Fellow
80. David Neu

Feature Selection with Applications to Text Classification
Adviser: Endre Boros - May 2012
Current affiliation:
81. Ozlem Cavus

Risk-Averse Control of Undiscounted Transient Markov Models
Adviser: Andrej Ruszczynski - October 2012
Current affiliation: Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey
82. Merve Unuvar

New Results for Optimization in Stochastic Networks
Adviser: Andras Prekopa - October 2012
Current affiliation: IBM, New York
83. Vladimir Oudalov

Two new computer-based results in game theory related to combinatorial games and Nash equilibria
Adviser: Vladimir Gurvich - January 2013
Current affiliation:
84. Selim Bora

Inventory and scheduling problems in supply chain management
Adviser: Endre Boros - January 2013
Current affiliation: Texas A&M at Qatar
85. Christie Leigh Nelson

Real Time Optimization of Emergency Response
Adviser: William Pottenger - October 2013
Current affiliation:
86. Kunikazu Yoda

Properties and Solutions of a Class of Stochastic Programming Problems with Probabilistic Constraints
Adviser: Andras Prekopa - October 2013
Current affiliation:
87. Tsvetan Asamov

Time-Consistent Approximations of Risk-Averse Multistage Stochastic Optimization Problems
Adviser: Andrej Ruszczynski - October 2013
Current affiliation:

Masters Degrees

1. Boris Furchin

January 1995
Current affiliation: Computer Software Co., New York, NY
2. Goksel Goncu

May 1996
Current affiliation:
3. Yuan Lin

October 1998
Current affiliation: Graphnet Inc., Teaneck, NJ

Slava Brover
Master of Philosophy
Best Patterns and Clustering
Adviser: Peter L. Hammer - May 1999
Current affiliation: Molsoft, L.L.C., San Diego, CA

Alexander Lawrenz
Master of Philosophy
Generalized Rank Functions and an Entropy Argument
Adviser: Jeff Kahn - May 2000
Current affiliation: Opix AG, Berlin, Germany
6. Andras G. Andras

May 2000
Current affiliation: Lattice Financial, Princeton Junction, NJ
7. Di Bai

October 2000
Current affiliation: AT&T
8. Thomas Davoine

October 2000
Current affiliation: Ph.D. Student in Switzerland
9. Yuming Zhang

October 2000
Current affiliation: Luminant, NY
10. Murat Aksozek

October 2001
Current affiliation: Turkish Naval Academy
11. Mevlut Bilican

May 2002
Current affiliation: Turkish Naval Academy
12. Marcelo Mydarz

May 2003
Current affiliation:
13. Karchana Panichakaran

May 2003
Current affiliation:
14. Murat Akarca

Assessing the value of information and information superiority in military operations
by using game theory and Lanchester's Equations

Adviser: Endre Boros - May 2004
Current affiliation: Turkish Military Service
15. Kyusam Park

May 2004
Current affiliation:
16. Jose Torres

May 2004
Current affiliation:
17. Hambir Chavan

October 2004
Current affiliation:
18. Rupasari Bhatt

October 2004
Current affiliation:
19. Nithin Kotla

January 2004
Current affiliation:
20. Ali Unlu

A Simulation Study on Container Security Operations at Transshipment Seaports
Adviser: Endre Boros - October 2005
Current affiliation: Turkish Land Forces Command
21. Vimla Gulabani

January 2006
Current affiliation:
22. Devon Morresse

May 2006
Current affiliation:
23. Natalia Santamaria

May 2007
Current affiliation: Ph.D. student, Smeal College, Penn State University
24. Anthony Marinos

A Linear Programming Model to Minimize the Cost of Rental Truck Hikers
Adviser: Sylvia Halasz - May 2008
Current affiliation: Returned to active duty in US Army
25. Mustafa Yazici

May 2008
Current affiliation:
26. Jonathan Word

October 2008
Current affiliation:
27. Olga Gisin

January 2011
Current affiliation:
28. Jian Li

January 2011
Current affiliation:
29. Randyn Bartholomew

May 2011
Current affiliation:
30. Matthew Peragine

May 2011
Current affiliation:
31. Santino Fanelli

Probability of a Feasible Flow in a Stochastic Transportation Network
Advisor: Andras Prekopa - January 2012
Current affiliation:
32. Abhijit Ravipati

January 2012
Current affiliation:
33. Mehmet Turkoz

May 2012
Current affiliation:
34. Akin Ozdemir

January 2013
Current affiliation:
35. Jose Benedicto B. Duhaylongsod

Vendor Financing and Its Impact on Vendor's Optimal policies
Adviser: Benjamin Melamed - May 2013
Current affiliation:
36. Joon An

May 2013
Current affiliation:
37. Sicong Hou

May 2013
Current affiliation:
38. Sonam Punjabi

May 2013
Current affiliation:
39. Rohan Vijay Guthal

October 2013
Current affiliation:

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