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RUTCOR Financial Support

Financial support for graduate study in Operations Research at Rutgers is coordinated through RUTCOR. Students are supported in a variety of ways, which include teaching, graduate and research assistantships in the participating departments of RUTCOR or in RUTCOR itself, research assistantships on faculty members' research projects, fellowships, and adjunct teaching jobs. Applications for financial support should be included with the application for admission, and are due by January 15th for the following academic year (beginning in September). Late applications for financial support will be accepted as long as support is available.

For the academic year 2010/11 assistantships for beginning students carry a stipend of $23,112.00 for 9 months, plus the waiver of tuition, plus substantial benefits. Additional support over the summer is sometimes available. Students receiving financial support should report to the department, program, or faculty member providing the support. Normally, students will have been contacted by this department, program or faculty member in advance. Questions about where to report should be directed to the RUTCOR office.

Renewal of support is not guaranteed, but is contingent on excellent performance in course work, on the qualifying examination(s), in research (for more advanced students), and in job responsibilities. Students in the program are expected to apply to the Graduate Director for continued support by January 15th.

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