October 12-13, 2011


Organizers: Endre Boros, Andras Prekopa, Michael Tortorella



The workshop brought together a variety of workers in theory and applications with the intention of identifying common areas ripe for new advances in the theory that may be widely applied. Major focus areas include network design and evolution principles and methods, design for network and service reliability, network resiliency and robustness, and risk analysis. Applications considered include telecommunications and wireless networks, electric power, continuum commodity networks such as water and oil and gas distribution, discrete commodity networks such as transportation and logistics networks, biological networks, social networks, and military and mobile ad-hoc networks. Speakers and their presentations are listed below. Click on the presentation title to be taken to a pdf of the presentation.




1.     A. Prekopa and M. Unuvar, Solution of a Stochastic Network Design Problem with probabilistic Constraints and Discrete Random Variables

2.     T. Altiok and A. Ghafoor, Performance Analysis and Design of Tandem Queues with Blocking

3.     S. Fanelli, Probability of a Feasible Flow in a Stochastic Transportation Network

4.     J. Ramirez-Marquez, Stochastic Considerations in Systems Resilience Engineering

5.     M. Tortorella, Performance Analysis on a Shoestring

6.     A. Prekopa and A. Myndyuk, Single Commodity Stochastic Network Design under Probabilistic Constraints and Continuous Random Variables

7.     A. Stolyar, Stationary distribution of Large-Scale Queueing Systems in Halfin-Whitt Regime: Exponential Bounds

8.     Y. Baryshnikov, Gordon-Loeb Model and the Mystery of 1/e

9.     M. Reiman, A Stochastic Programming Approach to Assemble-to-order Inventory Systems

10.            W. Massey

11.            B. Piccoli, Heterogeneous Models for Nonlinear Flows on Networks

12.            M. Gursoy

13.            Y. Mao, Dynamic Analysis of networks: How to Identify Important Nodes, with Application to Protein Engineering