1. Dual Graphs on Surfaces;

 after Jack Edmonds: On the Surface Duality of Linear Graphs,
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2. Why Chess and Backgammon can be solved in pure positional uniformly optimal strategies.

3. Games of no  return;

 after  A.S. Fraenkel, E.R. Scheinerman and D.Ullman:
Undirected edge geography,
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 4. On graphs whose maximal cliques and stable sets intersect;

 after  Xiaotie Deng, Guojun Li, Wenan Zang:
Proof of Chvátal's conjecture on maximal stable sets and maximal cliques in graphs;
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 5. Metric and ultrametric spaces of resistances;

before D.J. Klein and  M.J. Randic,
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