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Rutgers is the State University of New Jersey. It has a total enrollment of over 48,000 students on three campuses in Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick. RUTCOR is now located in its own building on the Busch campus, across the river from New Brunswick. We are within walking distance from Hill Center and the new CORE building where the departments of Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS) and the Mathematical Sciences Library are located. Next door is the Engineering School and a short walk away is the Library of Science and Medicine. University computing facilities are also centered in Hill Center. Also located in the Hill Center-Engineering complex is the Rutgers Center for Computer Aids for Industrial Productivity, a high-tech university-government-industry cooperative research center.

Office space is provided to all full-time graduate students who receive financial support, and, if possible, to all other full-time students as well.

New Brunswick is 33 miles south of New York city and 60 miles north of Philadelphia. Princeton is 16 miles away. New York and Philadelphia can be conveniently reached by train and there is regular bus service between New Brunswick and New York or Princeton. The graduate program in O.R. at Rutgers is enhanced by its proximity to major academic and industrial centers of Operations Research in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Our faculty and students frequently attend seminars and conferences at other institutions in the area, and we have a steady stream of visitors from these institutions.

Housing is available both on campus and off campus in private apartments and houses. Students applying for campus housing should do so very early, as housing is in extremely short supply.

Students who receive financial support in the form of an assistantship are eligible for medical, prescription, dental, and other benefits. We strongly urge incoming students to familiarize themselves in advance with the various choices they will have to make about these benefits (some of which cost money), and to direct their questions to the Center Administrator, at 732-445-3079, before making a choice.

Incoming students should plan to arrive on campus by late August in order to receive proper course advice, register for courses, receive teaching and other assignments, take English language tests, etc.

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Prospective students are encouraged to write or call the Director of RUTCOR, Dr. Endre Boros (732-445-4812), or the Graduate Director, Dr. Andras Prekopa (732-445-5632).  Write to the address given below. You may also reach us by email at smietana@rutcor.rutgers.edu. Please feel welcome to visit the Rutgers campus and discuss the degree program with the faculty. Appointments are encouraged.