Undergraduate Program

Operations Research is an interdisciplinary science, based on the use of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and Economics to the analysis and solution of problems in business, industry, government, etc. Typical activities of Operations Research practitioners include the analysis of real-world problems, and their formulation as mathematical models, the development of mathematical and statistical methodologies for the solution of such models, the development of computer algorithms and software for the determination of optimal solutions, and the implementation of theoretical solutions to handle real-world problems.

The Minor in Operations Research is an interdisciplinary program aimed at introducing students to the basic methodologies and applications of Operations Research, and preparing them for work on the practical, as well as the theoretical, aspects of this field.

Students interested in pursuing this minor are strongly advised to sign up at the office of the Program Director, so that they can be placed on a mailing list to receive announcements of course offerings and special events.


Prospective students are encouraged to write or call the Director of RUTCOR, Dr. Endre Boros (732-445-4812), or the Graduate Director, Dr. Andras Prekopa (732-445-5632).  Write to the address given below. You may also reach us by email at smietana@rutcor.rutgers.edu. Please feel welcome to visit the Rutgers campus and discuss the degree program with the faculty. Appointments are encouraged.