Ph.D. Research Proposal

To be formally admitted to candidacy for the Ph.D. degree, the student must pass Parts I and II of the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination. The student must also submit a written research proposal and must defend it in an oral examination before a committee of at least four faculty members. This examination should follow Part II of the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination, and precede the thesis defense by at least six months. The research proposal should be prepared in consultation with the likely dissertation advisor.

Choice of a research topic and of a dissertation advisor can, in theory, be delayed until after the student passes Part II of the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination. It should be emphasized, however, that the student who does not begin to get involved in research before passing the qualifying exam will be delayed in obtaining a degree and will not have taken full advantage of the opportunities at RUTCOR.

Office Space

Office space is provided to all full-time graduate students who receive financial support, and, if possible, to all other full-time students as well.

Independent Study

Independent study courses taken from faculty in RUTCOR or in the participating departments in RUTCOR are encouraged but cannot be counted as a course credit.

Student Benefits

Students who receive financial support in the form of an assistantship are eligible for medical, prescription, dental, and other benefits.