Transfer of Credit

Students who have taken courses on our required list, or very similar courses at other institutions, can receive a waiver of these requirements. They can also receive transfer of credit (up to 24 credit hours) for these and other O.R.-related courses taken at other institutions, to reduce the 48 credit hour requirement. To receive either waiver of specific course requirements or transfer of credits, students must provide a description of the course taken at another institution, information about the syllabus for the course and the text, and a transcript showing when and where the course was taken.

Students applying for waiver or transfer should contact the Graduate Director of RUTCOR.


Prospective students are encouraged to write or call the Director of RUTCOR, Dr. Endre Boros (732-445-4812), or the Graduate Director, Dr. Andras Prekopa (732-445-5632).  Write to the address given below. You may also reach us by email at smietana@rutcor.rutgers.edu. Please feel welcome to visit the Rutgers campus and discuss the degree program with the faculty. Appointments are encouraged.

Student Housing

Housing is available both on campus and off campus in private apartments and houses. Students applying for campus housing should do so very early, as housing is usually in short supply.