Undergraduate Minor Requirements

The interdisciplinary program in Operations Research consists of six courses that must include four core courses and two electives. Description of the four required courses follows.

Required Courses

01:711:453. Theory of Linear Optimization (3) Prerequisite: 01:640:250 Credit cannot be given for both this course and 01:640:354 or 01:640:453. A course emphasizing the theory of linear optimization. Topics include convex sets, polyhedra, Farkas lemma, canonical forms, simplex algorithm, duality theory, revised simplex method, primal-dual methods, complementary slackness theorem, maximal flows, transportation problems, 2-person game theory.

01:711:465. Integer Programming (3) Prerequisites: 01:198:111, and 01:711:453 or 01:640:354. Discrete optimization models, linear programming relaxations of integer programs, structured integer problems, enumerative methods, cutting planes, preprocessing techniques, nonlinear binary optimization.

01:711:481. Case Studies in Applied Operations Research (3) Prerequisites: 01:711:453 or 01:640:354, 01:711:465, and 01:640:424. Applications of operations research to real-life problems, typical operations research problems in business, industry, and government, model formulation and interpretation, determination of relevant parameters, formulation of mathematical programming models.

01:640:424 Stochastic Models in Operations Research See the undergraduate catalog for description of this course.

In addition one can substitute 01:640:354 Linear Optimization for 01:711:453. See the undergraduate catalog for the description of this course.


01:198:323 Numerical Analysis and Computing
01:198:344 Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms
01:198:424 Modeling and Simulation of Continuous Systems
01:198:425 Computer Methods in Statistics
01:198:440 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
01:220:322 Econometrics
01:220:326 Econometric Theory
01:220:401 Advanced Econometrics
01:220:405 Economics of Risk and Uncertainty
01:220:409 Mathematical Economics
01:220:410 Operations Research II
01:220:415 Portfolio Theory
01:220:419 Managerial Economics
01:220:421 Economic Forecasting
01:220:430 Topics in Advanced Economic Theory
01:220:436 Game Theory and Economics
01:640:321 Introduction to Applied Mathematics
01:640:338 Mathematical Models in the Social and Biological Sciences
01:640:355 Game Theory
01:640:373 Numerical Analysis I
01:640:428 Graph Theory
01:640:454 Combinatorics
01:960:337 Managerial Statistics
01:960:390 Introductory Computing for Statistics
01:960:467 Applied Multivariate Analysis
01:960:483 Statistical Quality Control
01:960:484 Basic Applied Statistics
01:960:491 Reliability-Quality Control
33:623:370 Management Information Systems
33:623:386 Operations Management
33:623:400 Advanced Operations Management
33:623:460 Optimization Methods in Business Management
33:623:470 Advanced Management Information Systems
33:623:494 Emerging Telecommunication Systems in Business


Prospective students are encouraged to write or call the Director of RUTCOR, Dr. Endre Boros (732-445-4812), or the Graduate Director, Dr. Andras Prekopa (732-445-5632).  Write to the address given below. You may also reach us by email at smietana@rutcor.rutgers.edu. Please feel welcome to visit the Rutgers campus and discuss the degree program with the faculty. Appointments are encouraged.