Ph.D. Qualifying Examination

The Ph.D. Qualifying Examination has two parts. Part I is a written examination which is given twice a year, in March and October. It must be taken not later than October of the second year. It examines topics related to required courses 1,2, and 3. A detailed syllabus of topics for the exam is available from the Graduate Director. Part I of the exam can be retaken once.

Part II of the Qualifying Examination is scheduled by arrangement, and must be taken not later than the end of the fifth semester. (If Part I is retaken, Part II must be taken by the end of the third year.) Part II is an oral examination by a committee or committees. The basic material covered in Part I of the examination will be presumed background for all questions. In addition the exam will cover three topics chosen well in advance by the student in conjunction with the Faculty of RUTCOR, with the goal of demonstrating knowledge in depth in fields related to the student's proposed area of research. Part II of the examination can be retaken once.

Student Benefits

Students who receive financial support in the form of an assistantship are eligible for medical, prescription, dental, and other benefits.

Office Space

Office space is provided to all full-time graduate students who receive financial support, and, if possible, to all other full-time students as well.


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