Student Research

Students are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the research activities of the faculty members of RUTCOR from the time of their arrival. How does a student go about this? Some indication of the interests of the faculty is given by the fields of interest listed above. Additional indication can be obtained by attending the weekly colloquium or seminar talks, which generally reflect the interest of some subgroup of RUTCOR members. The speakers are either distinguished outside researchers or Rutgers faculty or students, talking about their own research. (These talks are usually held on Thursday at 1:30PM. Titles of talks and names of speakers are published in advance through RUTCOR and participating departments' bulletin boards and email.) Students are encouraged to have informal discussions with faculty members whose fields of interest appeal to them. A formal research advisor will not be selected until after the student is admitted to candidacy. However, students are strongly encouraged to begin regular conversations about research under the supervision of a particular faculty member within several months of their arrival on campus.

Students are encouraged to present the results of their own research in seminars at RUTCOR, at professional meetings, and through publications in research journals.

The choice of a dissertation advisor should be made as soon after admission to candidacy as possible. The choice of a dissertation advisor involves first informal discussions about possible research topics, then mutual acceptance of the arrangement between the student and the faculty member. Students must report their choice of dissertation advisor and general research area to the Graduate Director and keep the Graduate Director informed of any changes.

The Ph.D. Thesis is expected to be an original and significant contribution to the development of Operations Research. Upon completion of the thesis, the student will present a defense of the thesis in an oral examination format, and must obtain the signatures of a dissertation committee consisting of four faculty members, including the dissertation advisor, and outside expert.

Incoming Students

Incoming students should plan to arrive on campus by late August in order to receive proper course advice, register for courses, receive teaching and other assignments, take English language tests, etc.

Office Space

Office space is provided to all full-time graduate students who receive financial support, and, if possible, to all other full-time students as well.

Student Benefits

Students who receive financial support in the form of an assistantship are eligible for medical, prescription, dental, and other benefits.